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Zakia ManceMy name is Zakia Mance and I am an Antenatal Teacher, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and Naturopath. I am fluent in both French and English, and teach in both languages.

I offer group and private courses in South East London, as well as private courses in Central London, East London and North London, including Highgate, Camden, Muswell Hill, Archway, Stoke Newington, Angel, Bethnal Green and beyond.

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My training in Hypnobirthing was inspired by the birth of my son, as I was amazed at how beautiful and gentle my guided hypnobirthing experience was. I was told about hypnobirthing when I studied Naturopathy at CENATHO in Paris, so I was always keen to do it. The results were even more extraordinary than I expected. I gave birth at home in a birthing pool only using peppermint oil and some Australian Bush flower essences, and supported by my wonderful husband and two amazing NHS midwives.  Read my son's birth story here.

I am passionate about empowering women to have the birth they want, without fear and being able to look back and have fond memories of that amazing moment. I would also support them before and after labour using my professional training in massage, aromatherapy and nutritional programmes.

I have been passionate about naturopathy and anything to do with natural remedies since the age of 12 when I myself went to see a naturopath who was also a homeopath. I love the holistic approach - we are not just bodies, we are also minds and souls - and we need to lovingly take care of all three. My favourite tools in my natural remedy case are the Australian Bush Flower essence and essential oils - they both nurture the body and the soul, and the smells are just divine.

I also enjoy studying anything to do with the mind and the psyche. I truly believe that we are finally understanding how to unlock the extraordinary powers of the mind. Hypnobirthing gives us a good start to understand how we can achieve extraordinary results by using and training the mind.  I practice Mindfulness and meditate and strongly believe that "mental hygiene" and good mental health will become integral parts of our lives in the future, in schools, and at work to help us live more balance, empowered and healthy, happy lives. My other passions include art and design, and I also help my husband running his antique business online.

I really look forward to helping you achieve the birth you want!

Zakia x

Qualifications & Membership
+ Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (DipHB)
+ Member of the Hypnobirthing Association (MHbA)
+ Qualified Naturopath (MRN)
+ Board Member, General Council of Registered Naturopaths (GCRN)
+ CNHC registered

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What parents have to say about Zakia:


'Hi Zakia, We welcomed our baby boy Tuesday 12th of June at 2.41 am. 3.3 kg all natural no drugs, hypnobirthing. Thanks for assisting us in this journey we couldn't have mentally prepared ourselves without your course and kind heart.'

'Zakia....we have some news!! He's a boy!! Arrived 10 days early and we are totally in love. I did it all in the birthing center with just my tens machine & the Hypnobirthing. We were so thrilled to have the birth we wanted.!! I was up most of Wednesday morning going for lots of wees just thinking that bubs was putting pressure on my bladder! I had no idea they were surges. I then woke J up at 5 am and said something felt different....more intense period pains. We started timing them and they were 5 mins apart...we kept calm at home with the tens machine and went to the hospital at 10 am and by the time I arrived, I was 6 cm dilated. I spent most of the next few hours over a bean bag with gas and air (didn't end up going in the pool as I was happy there). Then they moved me into a birthing stool for the final bit as they saw I looked more comfortable when I was on the loo going for a wee so I delivered him on the stool with James sat behind me, holding me and me holding onto his knees. The little baba arrived at 4.16 pm. James was incredible, my total rock throughout. Thank you SO much for everything you taught us in the lead up to his birth. xx'

'Zakia was fantastic, she has a very calm and friendly approach which naturally helps you relax. Before starting, we were initially a bit sceptical of the course, however that view point changed swiftly with the help of Zakia who was very willing to answer any questions we had. We now feel significantly more relaxed about the birth process and put a lot of that down to the tutor. Thank you Zakia.'

‘Zakia is absolutely wonderful, I really cannot rate her highly enough. She was very knowledgeable, very calm and extremely personable. After a difficult first birth, I found talking through my experiences with her like therapy - it's been really cathartic. She was really flexible with her time which meant that we managed to book a private course instead. Fantastic!’ 

'Zakia was exactly what I was looking for: friendly, open minded, knowledgeable about alternative options, and close to natural birth and natural lifestyle. I would recommend her to everyone who wants to feel closer to 'the roots', child, and just want to be connected with oneself and nature.'

'Zakia was very warm and friendly, we immediately felt comfortable with her and were able to open up. I would definitely recommend her to other couples.'

‘We liked that all the information was easy to understand and digest, we could ask questions as we went along and discuss areas of concern easily. It sparked off discussions/questions from me and my husband that we may not have otherwise had. It was useful to practice the meditation and understand the benefits and need for practice. We both feel very confident about the birth now and are keen to have a home birth as we don't feel there is anything to prevent this if the baby and me and both healthy and well.’ 

'Zakia was great. It is so nice to talk to someone other than midwife and discuss all concerns in depth.'

'Zakia stepped in at the last minute to deliver our refresher course (which we are extremely grateful for). She was well prepared and had a lovely manner. She addressed our requirements and questions competently and appropriately. She emailed us promptly after the course with all the links as promised. She did a great job!'

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