Maya's peaceful home water birth

Baby Maya's Hypnobirth Story

We are all well and very happy - albeit tired! We are so lucky that the birth went pretty much exactly as we'd envisaged. Baby was born at home in the water. There was no need for hospital transfer, no epidural, no episiotomy and no even a tear!I believe the combination of hypnobirth, together with the use of aromatherapy, homeopathy and water helped us achieve the peaceful, natural birth we wished for. 

The surges woke me up at about 4am that morning. I managed to deal with the first phase of surges with breathing and relaxation and waited until 7:30am to call the midwife who came to check me at 8am. Surges became stronger and longer and I called the midwife again as things become more intense. She came at about 2pm I think, and, inspecting my bump, she first said that I'd be a while yet as baby seemed to be quite high still. I was disappointed as I had the feeling I was probably at 5 or 6 cm. She examined me internally and said that in fact I was indeed 5-6 cm! She seemed very surprised.

I got in the water at that point, which provided instant relief (I'm so glad we got the pool!) and continued with my relaxation, but after a while I really was in need of gas and air. This is in fact the only form of chemical pain relief I relied on.  Baby was born at 17:15 after about 8 pushes.

Now when contracting and pushing, I must say I was not the picture of quiet calm and peace that we saw in the videos - as I did groan and shout a little - but I was calm and able to interact with the midwives between surges - they were all quite surprised about how calm I was and kept on commenting on my heart beat which was peaceful and regular.  My partner was an absolute star throughout and amazing birth companion.

So I wanted to thank you Gina for equipping us with the tools to support a natural, peaceful and non-medicated birth experience. The hypnobirth practice really helped. And we are totally in love with our little angel.

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