Marcie's Empowering Birth

Marcie's Empowering Birth

Just getting in touch to say thank you so much for your help and advice during the hypnobirthing course.

I had a really great, empowering birth and both Dan and I agree that the hypnobirthing really made a massive difference. I think that generally the recordings and all the information we were given and discussions we had made me feel relaxed, prepared and capable in the run up to birth and therefore more calm and in control during labour.

We ended up having an induction at 12 days past due date (in the hopes of still getting a water birth in the delivery suite-didn’t make it!) and nothing went along with the birthing plan. But we were able to handle that and make informed, confident choices.  In terms of pain relief, I didn’t even have gas and air and Dan said it was amazing how calm and focused I was throughout.

The recordings helped me sleep during a lot of waiting around in hospital and kept me focussed. I also did a yoga active birthing course which helped physically with labour positions along with the breathing and visualisation you showed us.

Thanks again and please feel free to quote me. It worked for me!

Thanks again, 
Carys & Dan

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