Mahi's Joyful Hypnobirth

Hi Gina,

I'm thrilled to tell you my daughter, Mahi, was born at QE birth centre as planned! She was born 11 days after the due date and weighed an amazing 9.4lbs! We declined a sweep and induction as both me and baby were healthy, my midwife was supportive of this so I'm really pleased we were able to wait without any stress of intervention. 

The Friday before I had half a day surges but then they stopped so I was really disappointed when I realised baby wasn't ready to enter the world. However 3am on the following Wednesday morning I woke up to my first surges. I found the first stage of labour excruciating but listening to Gina's affirmations really helped get me through it! We went to the birth centre that night to be told I was only 1-2cm dilated which was a real knock so we returned home where I had a bath listening to the Bodily Sensation recording, reading the positive birth stories on ZenBirth website and getting back in the zone. I got into bed to try to sleep and then early Thursday morning we made our way back to the birth centre. This time I was relieved to be told I was 6cm so could be admitted! 

Once we were admitted to the birth centre I was straight in the pool and didn't get out until Mahi was born so didn't need any other form of pain relief. 

I loved the second stage and found it so empowering to feel my baby pass through my body and into the world, it is a feeling I hope I always remember! Now she is in my arms and latched to my breast I couldn't help but cry in pure happiness and joy! 

We delayed the cord clamping for 25 minutes but I was keen to cut it as I started to panicked and feel faint. The placenta came within 35 mins of Mahi's birth and unfortunately I lost a lot of blood due to a 3a degree tear so had to be moved quickly to the labour ward for medical attention. That being said Mahi was able to have quality skin to skin with her dad while I was in theatre. 
A week on and we have been home since the Friday night after her birth and couldn't be happier.  

I truly believe our positive and empowering birth was a result of hypnobirthing. I couldn't recommend it enough and hope more mums and their birth partners can take advantage of this amazing skill. Thank so much Gina! 

Simarjeet xx

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