Helena's Hypnobirth Day

Hi Gina, I just wanted to get in touch to share my birthing experience with you: Helena arrived twenty minutes into her due date on 15 May.

Eliot with his daddyMy labour and birth were very fast - exactly what I had hoped for. Between the beginning of the first surge and the birth only 3.5 hours passed. At 9pm, I felt the first surge, and the frequency and intensity was almost immediate, such that I knew the birth was imminent.

After an hour, my waters broke. We just made it to the MLU in Ashford on time. There was no time for a water birth or any pain relief at all - when I arrived the head was already visible. I gave birth 50 minutes after my arrival in the MLU. 

It all happened so fast that I didn't properly have time to consciously use any visualisation or breathing techniques (at least not the ones I practiced), but the midwifes told me afterwards that I seemed very calm and in my own zone and that I vocalised and breathed at my own pace and rhythm. I could also feel myself driving it all forward (I wanted it to be over as fast as possible, and I felt that on some level I was able to speed up the process and I never wanted to halt it or slow it down).

Helena was born healthy and happy, and without any painkillers or interventions at all.

She was also absolutely serene in the first week after her birth, but is now suffering from digestion issues and colic, I think, and is a little irritable. But she is feeding extremely well and is otherwise happy and healthy and absolutely wonderful!

Thank you again for a great course - it helped a lot and I am sure it contributed very substantially to the swift smooth birthing experience I had.

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