Gustave's Hypnobirth Day

Baby Eliot, a few hours old

We discovered Hypnobirthing via the open day at our local hospital, Queen Elizabeth at Woolwich, where we had  a chat with Gina, who runs the courses in our area. From our first encounter she was fantastic at explaining what hypnobirthing was. My partner had not heard of it and was sceptical at first. 

We liked Gina's manner and the way she was talking about giving birth using an alternative method, which is very much our approach. I really loved the fact that she gave us another way of envisaging the birth of our child. She was very positive, realistic, helping us make our own decisions - not pushy or dogmatic about it  - just very positive and genuine.

My partner and I decided to enrol for a course with Gina and we both agree that was the best thing we did for the pregnancy. The course was in a nice venue, very calm, only 2 other couples and Gina was always very keen to give us all the support and answer our questions, without counting her time. We had loads of information and I really liked the visit from the independent midwife. Instead of being head in the clouds, she was also a thoroughly grounded person. 

Even though I felt I should have done more breathing exercises on my own I discovered on the day of labour that by attending the sessions, listening to the recordings at all the times I was able, and by having a positive approach to birth, it truly helped me. I was determined to have a natural birth at home with no medical intervention if possible, but realistic that what we want isn't always what we get.

After seven hours of gradually more intense labour, I gave birth to a healthy 8lb 7oz boy in a pool in our living room - aided by my partner and two brilliant midwives. Even they were impressed by the control that hypnobirthing gave me in order to complete my completely natural birth. I would have no hesitation in recommending hypnobirthing and Gina as a course leader. Make sure you do your practice though -  its all worth it in the end with a beautiful baby to show for it!

We genuinely don't think we would have had the experience we did without Gina and the hypnobirthing course.

And hypnobirthing continues to positively inspire me. Three years on from Gustave's birth, and I have become a hypnobirthing instructor and am part of the ZenBirth team. Have a look at my page.

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