Eva's Hypnobirth Day

As the birth approached I became more and more anxious and I was keen to make it as pleasant an experience as possible. Like most people, I'd only seen screaming and panting women giving birth on the TV and I was adamant that I didn't want my birth experience to be like that. 

I signed up for one-to-one hypnobirthing classes with ZenBirth and I am so pleased I did. From the off, Gina made me feel calm and her enthusiasm and solid belief in the practise filled me with confidence. I found I was quite receptive to the process and the relaxation came quite easily. Outside of the classes, I would regularly listen to the rainbow relaxation CD and practise my sleep breathing and would generally nod off. I also practised pregnancy yoga and went for lots of long walks as I wanted my body and mind to be as ready as possible.

I continued to use the methods Gina taught me after the sessions and found I became incredibly calm and positive about the birthing process. It was comforting to have someone to talk to and share my fears with. I shared things with Gina that I had not spoken about to anyone else. I was now looking forward to giving birth and instead of being afraid of the pain, I was embracing the fact that each surge would be one step closer to meeting my baby. 

For a day or so before I gave birth I began to experience slight discomfort and a feeling of immense pressure but did not feel overly concerned that labour was imminent. On the Sunday night at approx 8pm I started to feel mild surges. I went to bed to try and conserve my energy and listened to the relaxation CD. Within a few hours these surges were more regular but I continued to use the breathing techniques and listen to the music whilst my partner helped to keep me calm. At approximately 2am I was ready to go in to hospital as I was now experiencing more than 3 surges in 10 minutes. My waters broke as soon as I got to the hospital and I was told I was ready to push which I did end up using a bit of gas and air for. At 4.56am my daughter was born. It was much quicker than anticipated but I had probably been in the first stages of labour for a couple of days without realising and I firmly believe this is due to how relaxed I felt. 

I appreciate I was fortunate enough to have a straightforward and quick labour but I know I would not have felt so prepared and capable had I not had the hypnobirthing sessions. Gina was part of my daughter's birth so will always be special to me.

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