Baby Bonnie's Hypnobirth Story

In the third trimester we decided to go for the ZenBirth hypnobirthing one-to-one course, mainly to help me cope with the terror of the birth which was getting frighteningly close, but also to help my partner Dani feel involved in the pregnancy and help prepare for the birth.

At 37.5 weeks I went into labour unexpectedly. At 4am I felt a twinge, went to the loo thinking baby had poked me in the bladder and my waters broke. I then started having mild contractions and thought it best to sit down and write my birth plan. We were quite unprepared in a practical sense, as we really hadn't imagined it would be happening this early. Once the birth plan had been scribbled on a scrap of paper, we packed the hospital bags and headed off to the hospital. I was only 2cm dilated so we were told to go back home.

By the time we got home the contractions were really strong so I got in the bath as soon as I could. Not long after this I had a sudden urge to start pushing which was the most overwhelming sensation I've ever felt. Dani was back on the phone to the midwives and they told us to come back to the hospital ASAP. Luckily my Mum arrived just in time to drive us to the hospital, and I was pushing all the way.

When we arrived, the midwives rushed out with a wheelchair. I was examined and they found I was now fully dilated. I went into one of the fabulous birthing centre private rooms where they filled up the birthing pool. I started on the gas and air immediately which was fantastic; I felt totally stoned but good. The contractions were extreme and overwhelming, but the pain was different and not as unbearable as I had imagined. It's more of a great big surge that takes over your whole body.

The midwives were absolutely wonderful and fully respected my birth plan, includng the hypnobirthing elements. The room was calm and very relaxing. The only lights were in the birthing pool, so it was dark and comfortin, just the sound of the water sloshing around like being in warm cave.

With all the gas and air, I actually became too relaxed so the midwives asked if I could do a few contractions without which was also fine. Then for the final push, she asked if I'd get out the pool and walk over to the bed so that gravity could do its bit. This was the weirdest walk of my life as I felt like I had a melon up my bottom, quite painful!

Once on all fours on the bed I gave one last push and at 10.20am out came baby Bonnie!

She was handed up to me through my legs so I turned around on the bed and put her straight on my chest. The whole thing felt incredible and unbelievable. I was in awe of this tiny creature that lay on my chest, she was and still is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Although I felt I had missed out on 2.5 weeks more of hynobirthing exercises the amount that I had done and the one-to-one sessions had certainly enabled me to stay calm, I didn't panic at any moment. It reinforced in me the belief that my body is made for giving birth which made me feel positive and confident about it. Also I think it helped me focus on what I would be getting at the end of it so the excitement of meeting my baby was always there in my mind.

Hypnobirthing definitely helped and thanks so much for your expertise, it wouldn’t have been the same experience without you!

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