Book Your Course with Maxine

Thank you for your interest in booking your hypnobirthing course with Maxine Da Silva who covers North Kent and Medway.

Please note that Maxine is currently on maternity leave, enjoying time with her own gorgeous ZenBaby.

When Maxine returns to work later in 2019, she will be offering ZenBirth Antenatal Classes and Hypnobirthing again in the North Kent and Medway area.

For nearby classes taught by other teachers on our team, please visit our locations map.




ZenBirth Parents Say:

'We both felt so relaxed afterwards and are really glad that we decided to take your course.'

'The midwives thought I was living proof that hypnobirthing works.'

The birth was absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier. It was all really manageable and worked really well. It definitely helped me.'


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