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My name is Gabrielle Nicholls and I am antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist, as well as a former nurse and midwife.

I offer group hypnobirthing courses in West Kent, near Sevenoaks. I offer private courses across all of West Kent and South London borders including Tunbridge Wells, Maidstone, Orpington, Bromley, Beckenham and I am available in others areas in London, Surrey and Sussex as well.

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I run a hypnotherapy practice in Sevenoaks, where I live with my husband and bichon frise, Max. I have two grown up children and three young nieces, two of whom I had the privilege of attending their births.

I came to Hypnobirthing having practiced as a nurse and midwife for many years. I have observed first-hand the powerful relationship between the mind and body. As a student nurse, I witnessed procedures performed under hypnosis, and as a midwife I saw the power that being calm and in control has on the birthing process. In my role as midwife, I instinctively created a calm, quiet, peaceful environment for babies to enter the world.

It was when I trained in clinical hypnotherapy and KG Hypnobirthing, suggested by my good friend who is still a midwife, that all the experience and observations fell into place. I felt that I had found the missing piece of the jigsaw. I love teaching KG Hypnobirthing as it enables couples to shed the fears they have learned surrounding childbirth, it teaches couples the tools to facilitate a calm, peaceful birth and thus a contented, peaceful baby. Hypnobirthing is made up of lots of little things when all put together make a big difference, enabling you to have a calm, confident birth where you are in control.

I have been very fortunate to be able to support women and their families at this very special time and I look forward to meeting and teaching you all you need to have the best birth possible.

Gabrielle x

Qualifications & Membership
+ Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (DipHB)
+ Member of the Hypnobirthing Association (MHbA)
+ Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHyp)
+ Clinical NLP Practitioner (CNLP)
+ RCM-Accredited Rebozo Training
+ MAM 3-Step Rewind for Birth Trauma Recovery

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You can also visit Gabrielle's hypnotherapy practice site: Happy Mind Hypnotherapy Sevenoaks

What parents have to say about Gabrielle:

'I wanted to do everything I could to be emotionally and mentally prepared and strong for the birth of our son.  I listened to a podcast about hypnobirthing and decided to go for it. Gabrielle was a wonderfully generous facilitator of the course, even making the time to support us personally when my pregnancy got a little complicated. The course was well structured, easy to follow and gave us both lots of confidence and a sense of calm.  I had the most wonderful experience bringing my son into the world which I know was supported by the work we did with Gabrielle.  Thank you so much.'

'Hi Gabrielle, Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and also mention that I had a great VBAC. Our daughter was born on 28 August, and it went really well in the birth centre. I didn’t need any pain relief and actually didn't like the water or the gas and air; just used it for distraction and I didn’t want to hear a word or anyone talking or touching me either... The homeopathic remedies helped and so did the breathing techniques too. Thank you for your help and guidance; the recap sessions helped to give us confidence and it all worked out well. I arrived at the hospital at 5cm at 3am, and baby was born at 7am. I spent the majority of it on all fours as couldn’t get into any other position. Very thankful, and enjoying time with the 2 girls now. All the best, Ranel'

'I can't tell you how much this has helped me in the run up to our birth. I suffer from awful panic attacks and anxiety and was really struggling with everything, especially the few weeks before the course started. I really didn't believe I would ever be able to relax and enjoy the rest of our pregnancy. But Gabrielle was amazing. My anxiety levels have gone way down and I've been really practising the breathing techniques and listening to the scripts and they are genuinely helping. My first son was born prematurely at 34+4 weeks and we had a pretty traumatic birth but I'm now genuinely calmer in the belief that this birth will be calmer and a completely different experience.'

'Gabrielle was so lovely. Felt at ease with her within minutes of her arriving. And so reassuring that she's had previous experience as a midwife. The course was intensive but didn't feel rushed or too much and was great that we could just fire questions at her all the time. It was perfectly delivered for us and we can't thank her enough for helping us relax into it and it's been so effective so far.'

'Gabrielle was a wonderful instructor. She exudes warmth and positivity and created a lovely calm, safe environment. We thoroughly enjoyed the course, Gabrielle made it fun and we learnt so much. We felt really comfortable asking lots of questions and I feel that Gabrielle’s background as a midwife was invaluable as she was able to give us so much information and guidance. Of all the things that we did to prepare for our baby this was by far the most helpful, useful and fun. We would definitely recommend it.'

'Dearest Gabrielle, I cannot thank you enough for enlightening me with the incredible experience of KG Hypnobirthing, and allowing our little princess Sophia to enter the world in such a calm and peaceful way.  Her contented nature today is a testament to how she entered the world thanks to you.  

I had always dreamt of the day I would become a mummy, however one of the biggest concerns was knowing I had an extremely low pain threshold.  How could I give birth?  I have been renowned for having such a low pain threshold throughout my life, and I know my mum was extremely concerned as to how I would get through the labour.  To the point  my mum is still amazed until today that I had such a positive incredible experience.

We all know that our mind is extremely powerful and Gabrielle took me on a wonderful journey in the preparation of KG Hynobirthing, that taught me to engage every increment of my body on the strength and belief that my body knows what is best for my baby. This was my focus, and gave me such strength, confidence and a feeling of tranquility.  This ultimately allowed me to get through the labour as relaxed as one can be in labour, ensuring that my focus remained to be positive every step of the way.  I was able to be in control throughout my labour.  Gabrielle was there for me throughout my preparation and this was fundamental in the days prior to Sophia's arrival, as any area of doubt was extinguished immediately with a simple phone call.  I ultimately arrived at motherhood without any intervention and refused the gas and air, because I could!

I certainly could not have done this without Gabreille's reassurance and guidance that gave me such a peace of mind and belief in my body and with my baby.  I would highly recommend KG Hypnobirthing to all expectant mothers, and I do.

Thanks again and apologise it has taken me so long to get round to writing to you.  You cannot imagine how grateful I am for what you did for me. 

Lots of love
Victoria xxxx'



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