Angela's Quick Water Birth

Hi Sophia 

Hope you are well. I am happy to report that our daughter Emma is born fit and healthy at 40+2 days. She was a chubby 4kg! I thought you would like to know how it went - well, it went really well, just what I wanted! 

I had a good yoga class when I was 40+1 days, feeling relaxed and positive afterwards. By lunch time I noticed I had the show. Trying to get things moving I went for a long walk in the afternoon in the park and took a hot bath at night. I started having mild contractions at 10:30pm. They were getting close to 5mins apart by 12:30am so I called the birth centre. The midwife advice me to wait a bit longer at home because I didn’t sound as if it was too painful and the contractions were not yet 1 min long.

I went to bed, listening to hypnobirthing recordings and did my breathing exercises to ride through the surges. The pain was manageable. By 2:30am I felt like the contractions were stronger and close to 1 min long, so we went to the hospital. Maybe because I was doing hypnobirthing, the midwife still thought I didn’t look like it was painful enough. So I was told to wait in the lounge and walk about before they felt I was ready to be examined. They didn’t want to interrupt the dilation too early.

An hour later I felt things had progressed again so I asked to go into the birthing pool. When I got in I was 5cm dilated. I asked my husband Chris to go get stuff from the car as I enjoyed the amazing pain relief in the warm pool. It would be another couple of hours, or so we all thought. But as he left the room, I suddenly felt a strong surge that seems to have dilated me three times. Then I really wanted to push. As this is my second baby, I remembered the feeling of wanting to push but I was unsure as the midwife told me I was only 5cm dilated a few mins ago. I asked the midwife if I am okay to push and she said go for it.

Three pushes and five mins later, Emma was born. It was incredible. Chris was only gone for ten mins but when he came back I was already breastfeeding our new daughter outside the pool. He was in a bit of shock, as you can imagine. The birth was 6 hours from first contraction, and we were only in hospital for 12 hrs in total. It was such a wonderful birth (bar Chris missing it) and I felt so blessed.

Thank you so much for the wonderful hypnobirthing classes and everything you taught us about birth! I hope my positive birth story can help build confidence for expectant mom and dads. It really works!

Lots of love


P.S.  I hope this will inspire more confident and positive birth through hypnobirthing. Thank you so much for being so patient with us and all the coaching you have done. Chris is feeling much more positive with this birth and bonding with our little girl from day one. 

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