Aimee's Quick Hypnobirth

Hi Jackie!!

Just thought I would let you know that at 9.30am on Friday we had our little boy weighing 8lb 5oz!

I woke up about 3.30am and my stomach was tightening quite frequently.. I didn’t really think much of it for about an hour but it didn’t stop so I went to the loo and thought maybe I was having Braxton Hicks! They carried on and were about a minute apart so around 6.30am we called the hospital and they said I could either go in and be examined or wait at home and have a warm bath.. she said if I wasn’t 4cm dilated I would have to go home and I still wasn’t sure if I was in real labour but I decided it would be best to go in just incase so we loaded the car up and got to the hospital at 7.30am.

I was then taken into a room where she asked if she could examine me and I was told I was 9cm dilated!!!!! In shock I threw up instantly. The midwife then asked if I would like a water birth and gas and air, I said yes and they started filling up the bath, I don’t think I even had time to tell them I had been hypnobirthing! The room was so calm and quiet and they dimmed the lights, the two midwifes kind of just let me be and just told me to do what feels right. I couldn’t have asked for better midwifes!

The bath was still filling up when I got in which was lovely as I instantly felt like I was at home in the bath it was so relaxing! And the water running still was actually a really nice background noise to focus on! I was in there about 40 mins untill I felt my body pushing down and I literally let my body do everything using the breathing techniques! my waters still hadn’t broken untill the very last minute when he arrived and I pulled him out the water at 9.30am in complete shock at what has just happened. I had been in labour for only about 6 hours in total!

I delivered the placenta in one piece and only needed a few stitches! I still can’t believe it! The midwifes even thanked me before they finished their shift for having such a nice relaxed morning and said what a pleasure it was! They couldn’t believe it was my first child.

I just want to say thank you so much for teaching us because It wouldn’t have been the same story if you hadn’t! I can’t believe it worked but it really did, when you was telling your story of labour and about there being no pain i didn't believe it but I can honestly say I had no pain at all. I could only feel the tightenings and then my body pushing down which was a little bit stingy as he came out. It couldn’t have been a better experience so thank you SO much!

Kindest regards
Aimee, Adam and baby (yet to be named lol) x

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