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Sophia Smythe DavisMy name is Sophia Smythe Davis and I am an antenatal teacher and hypnobirthing practitioner, and hypnobirthing mum of two.

I offer courses in North Surrey, West London and South West London, including Kingston, Hampton, Surbiton, Esher, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge, Twickenham, Richmond, Epsom, Wimbledon, Chiswick and beyond.

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I am absolutely passionate about empowering women along with their partners to have the best birth possible for them, and create a positive start to family life. I want you to be able to describe your birth positively, as calm and wonderful no matter what turn your birth takes.  I am also very committed to empowering fathers or partners to be strong and present in the birthing room.

My journey into the realms of hypnobirthing started when I was pregnant with my first child in 2007.  Saying I was terrified is a bit of an understatement. I very much wanted a child and had been delaying due to fear. I finally decided it was time to have a baby. I then thought…now what! As every mother knows, Google became my best friend and I stumbled across the concept of hypnobirth. It was relatively unknown then but I was convinced it would help me. I was worried about what my husband would think, afterall wasn’t hypnobirthing a bit new-age? He surprised me with a resounding yes, anything to help me to deal with my fear. We decided to pass on NCT and instead attend hypnobirthing because we felt that the course covered all I needed to know.

I am not overstating when I say that the class literally changed my experience of pregnancy and childbirth. I looked forward to the birth of my baby and as the days went by the calmer I became. I practiced what I learned daily and felt in control and fully prepared. The logical and simple approach even won over my husband.

When the birth day came I was calm and peaceful throughout labour. Nothing about it was unmanageable because I was totally prepared, my husband was totally prepared and we faced it calmly together. I had a reasonable 10 hour labour from first contractions to birth. My husband was there, totally present and a completely essential part of the experience.

I am passionate about spreading the hypnobirth message and reaching more women. I’ve been teaching hypnobirthing since 2008 and recently trained under the industry expert, Katharine Graves.

Sophia x

Qualifications & Membership
+ BA (Hons)
+ Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (DipHB)
+ Member of the Hypnobirthing Association (MHbA)

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What parents have to say about Sophia:

'Thank you so much for the wonderful hypnobirthing classes and everything you taught us about birth! I hope this can help build confidence for expectant mom and dads. It really works! I hope my birth story will inspire more confident and positive birth through hypnobirthing. Thank you so much for being so patient with us and all the coaching you have done.'

'Sophia was a delight to collaborate with from start to finish in our classes. She is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions and provide all the support and materials we needed. Her friendly and relaxed approach helped us to remain very positive about our birthing experience. She empowered us to move forward with confidence in our birth plan and communicate better with the staff and midwifery team at the hospital. She also helped my husband to understand how he could help me the most and that enabled me to have a drug free natural water birth, something I always dreamt about. I could not ask for a better instructor.'

'Hi Sophia, Hope all is well with you! Just wanted to let you know that our lovely new baby daughter, arrived safely last week, weighing 7lb 5. She was born at home, in the pool as planned! Labour was a totally different experience this time round. The hypnobirthing techniques, and the practice we did before hand made a huge difference, and I'm sure have contributed to the fact that she is such a calm, chilled out baby! Also the experience with the home birthing midwifes was brilliant. They were so supportive, and didn't push me into anything. They were really kind, calm and encouraging and made the whole experience lovely. They were also all experienced or trained in hypnobirth. I'd do it all again tomorrow - a very different feeling to my last birth - it took me 6 years to brace it! A huge thank you for everything!' All the best, Kate (from West Molesey)

'Despite it being my 2nd pregnancy I was terrified of giving birth, even more so than the first time around. My sister recommended hypnobirthing to me and although I was skeptical at first Sophia did a wonderful job helping me understand the ethos behind hypnobirthing; how it not only gives you the tools and prepares you mentally for childbirth but also gives you back the CONTROL of your own birth. With Sophia's help and support throughout my pregnancy our second little girl floated into the world in a sea of water, calm and contentment. I never would have had the courage or confidence in myself, without Sophias help, to have the water birth I wanted. And in the weeks leading up to birth when my confidence was waivering she was there to support me and help me regain focus. Thanks so much Sophia, I could not have done it without you. You even managed to convince my even more skeptical husband... he was the one reminding me of my mantras when I was struggling!! Amazing!! Thanks so much x' - Grainne Garvao, mum of two lovely girls

'I wanted to let you know how much my husband and I enjoyed the course. I found our sessions reassuring, calming, and inspiring and I'm grateful for the way you were able to give me the confidence that I could have a natural and, in fact, enjoyable birth. Instead of dreading labour as I was before I now feel very positive and even look forward to the experience. I've recommended your course to everyone at my antenatal class! Thank you, Sophia.'

'Thank you so much for all the help you gave me during the course it all really helped. I had a lovely baby boy. It was a very swift and calm birth. It all kicked off on Friday night where I was feeling some mild surges. I thought it was a false labour as I had experienced it before. By Saturday morning I knew it was the real thing and I went into hospital that morning. They sent me back home as I was barely dilated. During the journey back home my waters broke and I then went into established labour. I stayed at home as much as I could, but the hospital wanted me back, therefore I was
back there at 3pm. They examined me and told me I was 9cm dilated! I used gas and air and the tens machine and gave birth at 7.35pm. My baby was so calm and so alert and he latched onto my breast straight away. The birth went exactly how I wanted it and everything worked out so well.'

'Sophia was recommended to us as I was worried about being overly anxious during the birth and that this might have a negative effect. I was aware of hypnobirthing and that the techniques you learn could be used to help keep you calm and relaxed during birth. However, the course was much more than this. We did a private session and a follow up session and Sophia met with us in the comfort of our home. The course gave us a better understanding of the mind-body connection not only during birth but leading up to it. We also learnt more about the physiological aspects of birth and were able to better visualise what was going on.

It brought us closer together and prepared us for the birth as a couple. We shared our hopes and fears. Sophia was reassuring, calming and made us feel more prepared for the unpreparable! We really enjoyed our sessions.'

'Hi Sophia, Our little boy has arrived! It really was the perfect home birth I wanted - thanks to your course! The whole labour lasted 3.5 hours, drug free and with no tears or cuts. The midwives were so supportive. They could see by the time they arrived that labour would be quick and they never asked to do any internal examinations etc. They just quietly let me get on with it and didn’t even coach me during the second stage. Maybe that’s because the breathing down worked so well - it only took 10 minutes!! Thanks so much xx'

'Dear Sophia, We both so much enjoyed doing this course with you. It was so informative and confidence-boosting. I feel much more positive and confident, and so does Sanchit. Having you as a teacher was cherry on the cake for us - so comforting, understanding and present. You put in the real work, and we both really appreciate that. I really wish and sincerely hope in future many people are able to get your help and support. Lots of Love, Shruti'




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