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Mara FeketeMy name is Mara Fekete, and I am a KG Hypnobirthing Practitioner in South West London and a hypnobirthing mum to a beautiful baby girl.

I offer hypnobirthing courses across South West London, including Wimbledon, Richmond, Putney, Barnes, Kingston, Wandsworth, Battersea, Clapham and surrounding areas.

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I have been a fitness professional since November 2011, and the only time I put this passion of mine on hold was when I became pregnant. This is where my hypnobirthing journey starts.

As a fitness instructor, my job involves keeping others motivated, active and fit. This is not just about the muscles and physical body, but also a great deal depends on the right mindset. I first heard about hypnobirthing during my pregnancy, and I had no doubt that it could work for me. The connection between the body and the mind has been proven to me several times throughout my career.

My wonderful fiancé was fantastic and supportive once he learned how hypnobirthing works. We started our hypnobirthing journey together during my 34th week of pregnancy. It brought us even closer to each other and it also had a hugely positive affect on the rest of my pregnancy, as well as my daughter's wonderful birth.

A hypnobirthing father recently said: “the thing about hypnohirthing is that it works” and I couldn't put it better myself.

I didn't want my hypnobirthing story to end when my daughter was born, so I became a qualified KG Hypnobirthing teacher in 2015. I am committed to and excited about showing expectant parents how it is possible to accomplish a wonderful, empowering birth experience. I look forward to meeting you on the course.

Mara x

Qualifications & Membership
+ Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (DipHB)
+ Member of the Hypnobirthing Association (MHbA)

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What parents have to say about Mara:

'Mara is absolutely the best! Thanks for staying up so late for us! I am so excited for our birthing experience! I am amazed and delighted at how confident I feel.'



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