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Gina with new baby boyMy name is Gina Potts and I founded ZenBirth in 2011. I am a highly experienced antenatal teacher and hypnobirthing practitioner, as well as being a hypnobirthing mama.

Here's my story....

I first found out about hypnobirthing in 2009. When I became pregnant for the first time, my instincts as a professional researcher kicked in, and I read everything I could about pregnancy and new babies. However, I found myself avoiding anything to do with actually giving birth. Why? Because I was terrified. I had heard countless negative things about childbirth when I was growing up, and I believed this would be the hardest thing I would ever endure in my life.

Quite late in that pregnancy, a friend sent me a book on hypnobirthing (thank you Jen!!). Once I read the first few pages, I knew that hypnobirthing was for me. As a result, I took a hypnobirthing course, and my trepidation and fear of birth turned into excited anticipation to do this amazing thing. I went on to have a surprisingly manageable, straightforward birthing experience with my first baby, which you can read about here. A few years later, I enjoyed another amazing hypnobirth with our second child, who was born at home in a birth pool surrounded by the loving support of my husband and doula, plus a wonderful NHS midwife.

After my first 'zen' experience of childbirth, I decided to train to teach hypnobirthing because I realised how important it is to share positivity about childbirth, as well as the powerful tools and knowledge I had discovered. So, I founded ZenBirth in 2011 and have taught over 600 couples to date. Have a look at my testimonials and the birth stories to see what ZenBirth parents have had to say about me and the course.

I am now (mostly) retired from the birth world as I have returned full-time to my career in higher education. I therefore have limited availabilty for private hypnobirthing courses and refreshers sessions only, either in person or via Zoom. Email me if you would like to book a course with me.


Qualifications & Membership

+ BA (Hons), MA, PhD
+ Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner (HBCE)
+ Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (DipHB)
+ Co-founder of The Birth Network
+ NCT-trained Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
+ RCM-Accredited Rebozo and Closing the Bones Training
+ MAM 3-Step Rewind for Birth Trauma Recovery

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What ZenBirth parents have to say about Gina:

'Hi Gina, we would like to thank you very much for providing such a lovely, enjoyable and informative course last weekend. We gained a huge amount of understanding and insight into both labour and the time after the baby arrives and we feel so much more relaxed and confident! A lot of it we didn’t know prior to the course. Many thanks'

'Hi Gina, I’m writing to let you know that our baby was born last Saturday. We’re over the moon! :-)  The labour was much quicker than I expected. I used the hypnobirthing breathing, which I’m sure helped a lot... It was a wonderful, powerful experience! Thanks again for your course, which provided us with lots of information and gave us confidence to have a home birth. Love, Paula'

'Hi Gina, We are the very proud parents of a healthy baby boy. We had a wonderful natural birth experience and the techniques you thought us were brilliant. I wanted to let you know we breathed through it all and it was great. Thanks for everything you taught us, most notably to retain agency over your own body and decisions during pregnancy and delivery, the relaxation breathing and visualisation techniques, and awareness of the birthing stool which is how I delivered. from Kim, Alex and Ashton xx'

'Gina is wonderful. Positive, considerate, bubbly and informative. I was particularly impressed by her ability to manage the class - to take into account the needs and perspectives of all participants, whilst maintaining control of the overall classroom, responding to questions when asked but also managing the group to ensure that those less confident were equally involved as the more prepared. Thank you Gina!!'

'I gave birth to our baby girl yesterday morning after a wonderful peaceful water birth. Exactly what I wanted and can't thank you enough for your inspiring course. The midwife couldn't believe how calm I was when I arrived already 8cm dilated. Took 7 hours from start to finish.'

'Gina, it was great to see you again for our refresher session. Your session really helped us both click into the right head space again and made everything come flooding back in a brilliant way.'

'Would highly recommend this course - worth every penny! I took a private course in the comfort of my own home with Gina who was amazing and incredibly informative about all aspects of child birth. I learnt more from her and this course than I did from NCT.'

'To anyone at the start of their journey, weighing up the options of the various classes on offer to pregnant women, I would suggest that Gina's hypnobirthing group classes is all you need. Having paid for NCT as well as hypnobirthing sessions, I wish I'd have saved myself a couple of hundred quid and focused on this class. Gina is incredibly well educated to answer any queries or concerns you may have, and gives a very balanced opinion. Her classes are fun, informative and leave you looking forward to the next class. I would recommend Gina to any of my friends looking for antenatal classes. You couldn't be more prepared for this wonderful, life changing experience than taking a hypnobirthing approach using Gina's class. Thank you Gina you're brilliant!'

'The whole experience was fantastic for all of us and in large part due to the use of Hypnobirthing. My waters went on Sunday afternoon (in a shop in Blackheath!) and the earliest signs of labour started that evening. By early Monday morning he was on his way, although I really didn't think I was that far progressed and it was only the midwife and my partner suggesting that we head in that convinced me!  He was born 90 minutes after we arrived at the birth centre in a very calm atmosphere... We both felt that the use of the Hypnobirthing techniques made a big difference and we are both very grateful for the weekend we spent learning with you. So, thank you again.'

'We both felt so relaxed afterwards and are really glad that we decided to take the course.'

'Thank you so much Gina! I really enjoyed your course and think your delivery was really great. You provided lots of useful information and I certainly feel very well equipped now to deal with my birth experience.'

'Gina is a fantastic teacher of a highly effective technique that helped me achieve my empowering home waterbirth after previous c-section. First-time mums through to old-hand mums would benefit from hypnobirthing.'

'I loved every moment of my course. Gina is such a warm and open person. The time was flying away without a blink. I love Gina's voice - it's so calm and made me relax even deeper!'

'It was so important to have Gina there to talk us through any concerns we might have, she really did a great job listening and also in sharing her own experience with us. The videos were great, and so was the course material.'

'The knowledge I had gained about labour and birth from our hypnobirthing classes stopped me from feeling panicked. I am sure my calmness had a lot to do with my 6 hour labour which is very fast for a first labour.'

'Gina was so supportive and approachable, she really made me feel as though I could ask anything, and following the course I truly believed that I would have a straight forward, natural birth - and I did! I especially liked Gina's calm approach, she has a manner that instils trust and confidence and creates an atmosphere of serenity and belief in hypnobirthing.'

Fantastic course, would recommend to all expectant parents! Really helped us to have a relaxed, beautiful birth experience and allowed me to appreciate and work with the power of my body!'

'Gina was always very approachable, patient with the millions of questions and calm. We feel (due to this course and Gina) we have gone from a place of anxiety and apprehension to calm confidence and well-educated. We actually now really look forward to the privileged experience of giving birth and becoming parents!

'Gina had a lovely laid back style yet still got through the material very thoroughly. I would certainly recommend her to people I know.'

'Amazing experience, I'm a third time mum and was feeling apprehensive due to previous difficult births, I decided to open my mind and try something different and I am so glad I did. I had an amazing hypnobirth at home in a pool with no drugs and no intervention at all. I was so inspired by Gina!'

'This course delivered way beyond my expectations, and even my previously sceptical husband is now a firm believer in hypnobirthing. We both found watching the hypnobirthing videos very inspiring...'

'Gina is brilliant. We really liked her manner and she made us feel very at ease. She also liked our dog, which puts her immediately in our good books. I felt she handled the fear exercise particularly well - gave me lots of time to talk about how I felt. I had a lot of questions and concerns during all our sessions and she made time for all of them. I ALWAYS ended our time together feeling confident I could have a good birth.'

'It was lovely to meet Gina and learn about hypnobirthing techniques. The pace of the course was great and Gina was very knowlegeable and patient answering all our questions!'

'Gina is very well prepared and knowledgeable and I really liked that she had a lot of up-to-date material and research. I like my research! I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else and have already mentioned her to one of my local midwife team.'

'Thanks so much again. Your teaching and support made all the difference.'

'From the off, Gina made me feel calm and her enthusiasm and solid belief in the practise filled me with confidence...It was comforting to have someone to talk to and share my fears with. I shared things with Gina that I had not spoken about to anyone else. I was now looking forward to giving birth and instead of being afraid of the pain, I was embracing the fact that each surge would be one step closer to meeting my baby... Gina was part of my daughter's birth so will always be special to me.'

'Gina was a lovely, positive and calming influence, the course was a nice mixture of theory, guidance and practicing relaxation. We feel well prepared for the birth experience we want now!'

'Gina came to see us for a final session on the 20th July and our baby came almost a week early, born at home, on the 21st. I think seeing Gina helped me let go of any final fears about labour and our baby decided then it was time to come.'

'Thanks Gina! I'm so happy I came across hypnobirthing and your site and my husband is very excited about the birth too. He totally embraces the concept of hypnobirthing and is the one to explain this to all our friends which i think is great!'

'... I looked into how we could empower ourselves to have the most natural birth possible. The answer was hypnobirthing. Gina's four-session course was a revelation to us. By the end, we were informed, relaxed and without fear. We were reborn and ready to meet our daughter.'

'I wanted to thank you Gina for equipping us with the tools to support a natural, peaceful and non-medicated birth experience. The hypnobirth practice really helped.'

'Gina was fantastic from the day we met her at the Open Evening at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She is friendly, very professional, warm and very calm. Doing the course with her was just great. I like her straight-talking, balanced views and very calm and gentle manner. She was always very eager to answer our questions, gave us more time sometimes than we had, and gave us loads of links and extra info that we have enquired about. 10 out of 10 for Gina.'

'I did find the last pushing stage quite tough but apart from that the birth was a wonderful positive experience for us and I'm so glad that I did your classes which taught me to stay calm and relaxed.'

'Just wanted to let you know that your classes and what I learned really helped me during labour. I was able to keep calm and relaxed throughout the first stage using the surge breathing and throughout most of the second stage too. I dilated pretty quickly. I used gas and air and a tens machine but apart from that managed the labour pain through breathing and using the concentration and visualisation techniques that you taught us.'

'We both felt so relaxed afterwards and are really glad that we decided to take your course.'

'Our baby was born in Lewisham Birth Centre and weighed in at a healthy 9lbs... I didn't even think I was in real labour until my waters broke so by the time we arrived at the birth centre I was already 9cm! You will be pleased to know the midwives thought I was living proof that hypnobirthing works... The main thing for me was that I wasn't scared and trusted my body.'

'Gina was wonderful - calm, encouraging and supportive. She was really flexible to our needs and taught me so much in such a short space of time. I really looked forward to our sessions together and found them such positive experiences I would highly recommend her to any of my friends.'

'Our gorgeous son arrived and he is just perfect! My labour was quick and the hypnobirthing really helped. Surges started at 12.30am, I arrived at hospital at 3.30am, 8cms dilated, was in the pool for most of the time... Left cord pulsating and we both had lots of skin to skin... I didn't need any stitches or anything. So I am sure that the hypnobirthing must have helped! The midwife respected our birth plan and I think we did really well!! We were even joking as I was crowning! Thanks for everything :)'

'The birth was absolutely amazing. I couldn't be happier. It was all really manageable and worked really well. Your course definitely helped me.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. I felt very unconfident about the whole process beforehand but learning what Gina has taught me has helped me focus on the type of birth I want. I have learnt so much about how my body will work through each birthing stage and have become confident about the type of birth that I want and that I know what is best for me and my baby.'

'I had a very successful vbac this morning. Woke at 2.30am by surge and sac breaking and baby boy born naturally at Kings at 6am. It was everything we wanted and I am v proud of myself. Thanks so much.'

'Thank you so much Gina! I really enjoyed your course and think your delivery was really great. You provided lots of useful information and I certainly feel very well equipped now to deal with my birth experience.'

'I found Gina's style great. She has inspired us with confidence through her calm delivery of the subject, her great knowledge and her warmth. I'm now really excited about our birth...'

'...Gina made me feel calm and her enthusiasm and solid belief in the practise filled me with confidence...'

'...thanks so much again. Your teaching and support made all the difference.'


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