7 Ways to Enjoy Christmas During Your Pregnancy by Sophia Smythe-Davis

Christmas can be joyful and fun, as well as being a challenging time of year for many people. In this blog, Sophia Smythe-Davis explores a few ways that you can make the Christmas period more enjoyable, whilst looking also after yourself and your gorgeous baby-bump.

As Christmas fast approaches, remember to take a step back and be kind to yourself.  At whatever stage you are in pregnancy, you may be feeling some stress and pressure at this particular time. Besides the inevitable thoughts about becoming a mother very soon, you might also be planning to put on the perfect Christmas, getting the presents for family and friends, preparing a menu for a wonderful meal. Whatever plans you are making, remember that often the pressures can come from within us. It's really important to just let go. And keeping things simple can make things feel more manageable. It might be the perfect time to let someone else do the bulk of the work, or better still go and visit family and let them cater for you.

Here's a list I've put together of a few things to help you enjoy this festive season even more. 

  1. Hypnobirthing Practice and Relaxation
    Of course this would be the first on a ZenBlog list! Take the time to practice your hypnobirthing techniques and relaxations throughout the season, this will go a long way to helping you through and keeping you as relaxed as possible.  The more relaxed you are the more you will enjoy the celebrations.
    It's important to avoid any additional stress so take things at your own pace and be mindful of what you can manage. You may need to lower your expectations of yourself and take regular breaks. It's ok to say no to family and friends when they suggest social engagements, as your priority is looking after yourself and your baby-bump.
  2. A Festive Tipple
    Some people struggle with this one during the festive period. Pregnant women are advised to avoid all alcohol. So why not embrace the mocktail! Check out this list of Christmas mocktails. Get some of the ingredients in and have fun making them with some family and friends. You can savour the delicious taste and have a great time, without needing any alcohol at all.

  3. Yummy Food and Treats
    There are foods you will need to avoid during pregnancy, so do plan ahead and let your Christmas host know in advance. If you are having Christmas at home, plan indulgent treats that you can safely enjoy. You may also need to be mindful of the quantities you are eating too. This will help you avoid heartburn and indigestion, which is common during pregnacy..  It's best to eat little and often and watch out for the overly rich puddings and mince pies, this way you will not get overfull and you can enjoy the day.

  4. So Many Parties, So Little... Energy
    As mentioned earlier, it's important to pace yourself when pregnant. There may be so many parties happening, and so little energy available while your body is using up lots of resources growing a little human being. If your diary is filling up with work gatherings, meeting up with friends, getting together with the different sides of the family, do make sure you also schedule some rest days. You may not feel like that big girls night out, and that's ok. Perhaps suggest to your friends a low key restaurant or some mocktails at your house instead.

  5. Accept Help
    For now, and for after the baby arrive too, remember whoever volunteers to help out, accept that graciously. Try not to feel like you need to do everything. It is a great skill to learn to let people look after you sometimes. And it's lovely for others to be able to make a fuss over you. So enjoy letting others doing some fetching and serving, and relax with your feet up for a bit.

  6. Treat Yourself
    There are plenty of ways to treat yourself over the season. Have a lovely soak in the bath, do some relaxing yoga, watch a great film at the cinema or at home with loved ones, and of course those festive foods, mocktails and treats.  Also a great way to feel special is to treat yourself to an amazing Christmas pregnancy outfit, so that you can feel great and show off your lovely bump.

  7. Visualise Next Christmas
    How amazing will next Christmas be? Your baby's first Christmas!

Take it easy and have a great Christmas!

Sophia xx

Sophia Smythe-Davis is a ZenBirth antenatal teacher and hypnobirthing practitioner covering North Surrey, West and South West London. She has many years of experience teaching hypnobirthing and is mama to two gorgeous hypnobabies.


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